I know how to get your property in front of buyers.

At Coldwell Banker, we put your home on every real estate search portal buyers use (think Zillow,, MSN, Trulia, AOL Real Estate, and hundreds of others). The goal of this massive level of exposure is to make it impossible for buyers - wherever they are in the world - not to know your home is for sale. They literally can't miss it.

Digital Listing Brochures

In addition to that real estate staple, the print brochure, I produce a comprehensive digital brochure for each of my listings. This brochure can be shared in an instant with any potential buyer, anywhere in the world. 

Targeted Facebook promotions

Print Advertising

I advertise on leading websites to get more exposure for my clients.

My branding campaigns receive an average of 10,000 views per month and are targeted to viewers by zip code.

If you're even considering selling your home, it's time to talk.

There is always a buyer looking, and in real estate, your agent is your bridge to those buyers. Although the number of buyers remains relatively constant, they will act when a new property with high value comes up for sale. Speed is key for both you and the buyer, and a good agent delivers speed.

Creating a perception of value and a sense of urgency will see the greatest number of showings when your property is first introduced to the marketplace. Buyers who look at your property typically are financially qualified who have been working with a Realtor® already, have seen the other properties in the area, and are knowledgeable about market prices. They contacted agents months ago about properties they found, and they are now prepared to make offers when they see the right home at the right price.

Let's talk soon.

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Successful sales balance four components: the market, price, condition of the house, and exposure. During a time that can be emotionally trying for you and your family, I develop and carry out the steps necessary not only to sell your home but to obtain the best possible outcome.
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